The father, the sun and the Central Coast.

Cut from the cloth of the common man, the Fat Monk is on a mission to redefine one of life’s greatest pleasures as an everyday delight. Joyfully devoted to his passion for great grapes, he produces carefully crafted vintages from a secluded spot in the sun-drenched hills of California and invites you to blend the divine with your day-to-day.

Take a bottle camping or grab a glass while you watch the game. Pair with a bag of chips if it makes you happy. The fruits of his labor are yours for the drinking, so kick up your heels and raise a glass to the Monk!

Pinot Noir

Bright cherries, fresh coffee, and supple leather flavors join together in this gorgeous Pinot Noir. Brilliant fruit flavors and notes of cola and spice roar in this delicate but flavorful wine.

Appellation: California

Varietal Composition: 100% Pinot Noir

Cooperage: 9 months new and neutral French oak barrels

Alcohol: 14.0%


Supple and nuanced, our Chardonnay has an inviting nose of marzipan, straw, and lime. Its ripe character is lush with flavors of almond, honeydew melon, and apple. Gentle acidity balances the creamy mouthfeel, which is complemented by spicy, well-integrated oak nuances.

Appellation: California

Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay

Cooperage: 11 months stainless steel, 10% one year in old French oak barrels

Alcohol: 14.5%


This Merlot is an elegant reminder of why this varietal is renowned in the Graves region of Bordeaux. Our Merlot benefits from cold nights and a long growing season, making for intensely rich berry flavors and a strong but yielding mouthfeel with aromas of blackberry, roasted almonds, and forest floor.

Appellation: Paso Robles, California

Varietal Composition: 86% Merlot, 8% CabernetSauvignon, 6% Tempranillo

Cooperage: 14 months in new and neutral French oak barrels

Alcohol: 14.0%